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FIVE TYPES OF INTUITION: Prophetic, Intellectual, Heart, Gut, Hands

I believe that intuitive ability is innate in mankind — and in animals too, for that matter. Certainly, it is stronger in some than in others; however, I do believe that it exists to some degree in all of us. In order to recognize your own abilities, it is necessary to understand the five different types of intuition. A book could probably be written on each. But I will attempt to condense the data here and will focus on information which might be useful in helping you determine how best to tap into your own abilities and how to most effectively utilize them.

Prophetic Intuition

"Prophecy," in the opinion of many, was a phenomenon exclusive to Biblical times that ended with the writing of the Bible. And in many ways I would agree. The Bible is still the greatest book ever written. There will never be another. Its teachings (and its teachers) as well as its prophesies, will remain unmatched. For anyone who is willing to spend time in study, to do the work, the Bible will continue to provide answers to all of life's questions.

I do believe, however, that "prophecy" occurs in our contemporary world as well. God still speaks to us today — to nations, to groups, and to individuals — just as He did in holy books written thousands of years ago. Just as God inspired the Biblical prophets, He still speaks to people today through intuition or through signs, dreams, and visions.

We pray. We talk to God. Why would we have such a difficult time believing that He would respond? His response may not be so obvious as a "burning bush." It may, instead, be as tiny as a "whisper" deep inside your soul. But He does respond. I believe that God chooses those who choose Him and that He speaks to those who speak to Him. As you mature spiritually and as prayer and meditation become a bigger part of your journey, you will be able to hear God's voice. You may feel Him nudging you toward what's right for your life. Or, He may speak to you regarding what would be "right" for someone close to you.

I have experienced this personally in my own life and have witnessed it in the lives of others — receiving messages through heart feelings or dreams, commands or warnings. Sometimes the "voice" is gentle. And sometimes it's like a megaphone. Sometimes messages come to us through another individual. Maybe a total stranger will offer you a word of truth. Perhaps a child (and children, by the way, seem to be better vehicles of prophecy than are adults) will provide you some new insight.

The universe is constantly bombarding us with information… important information… useable information. We simply have to find a way to tune in and to become quiet enough to hear. Try this… pick up a Bible or some other inspirational book. Hold it in your hands and ask to be led to a page where God can speak to you. Listen.

Sometimes, though, no matter how diligently we try or how faithfully we pray, the answer is either slow in coming or simply doesn't come at all. I actually believe that an unanswered prayer very frequently is a prayer that has been answered, "No!" That may be an absolute "no," or it may simply be a "no for now." Sometimes an answer to prayer is put on hold, because we need to do a little "consciousness raising" or because we need to work on certain aspects of ourselves. Fear, pride, the voice of the ego, making the voice of God say what we want it to say… all of these are "blocks" that can stand in the way of answered prayer.

Prophecy can occur under a wide variety of circumstances and in any number of settings. There are those who believe that if it does actually occur, that it will only do so within the confines of a particular church, in a specific place, or for a particular group of people. Such a belief would imply that God is "containable" and, therefore, more human than supernatural. Don't give in to such biased thinking. Never limit God! Don't let anyone mislead you or discourage you with foolish rules and baseless fears. If you are faithful in prayer, following Christ's example, you will make contact with God. In time, you will hear from Him. And as you grow in spiritual maturity, you will learn to distinguish between His voice and that of your own insecurities. When a prophetic feeling does occur, it may be something very simple — perhaps you will think about a particular individual and then, a week later, unexpectedly hear from that person. On the other hand, a prophetic experience may be as complex as a series of dreams and visions. But regardless of the manner in which it transpires, no matter how you find your answers, my hope is that you will know — God still speaks!

Note for students: Prophecy comes from and through the Crown Chakra.

Intellectual Intuition

In the early days of my counseling career, my clientele included very few "professionals" — scientists, engineers, intellectuals. These sorts of individuals were generally much too logical to invite the metaphysical into their belief systems. Their "gifts" were their minds. However, in the mid—seventies, when some of these more cerebral types began to come in, I was particularly impressed with them. To my surprise, in spite of their intellect, they proved to be quite intuitive. Many years later and now that these individuals make up the bulk of my clientele, it has become even more evident to me that "intellectual intuition" exists. Furthermore, it appears that "intellectual intuitives" are frequently blessed with ESP.
The advantage that these folks have over those without this particular gift is that they are often more readily able to "plug in" to another's needs. This means, then, that they can usually offer just the right solution in any particular situation. In addition, they can do so while maintaining a cool head and without allowing their emotions to become too involved. This ability is particularly valuable in emergency situations — life and death situations — where a nice "bedside manner" is the last thing one would need. In any situation that demands a logical and sensible response, the "intellectual intuitive" is the one for the job!

I do pray that God would bless these individuals, many of whom are the physicians, scientists, etc., who devote their lives to helping others. I pray for their well—being and their health (for many of these "mind intuitives" suffer from unexplained headaches). I pray, as well, for their emotional development. And I will continue to encourage those who come to me for counseling to make themselves more open to emotion. Because I truly believe that compassion, combined with intellectual intuition, is an unbeatable mix.

Note for students: Intellectual intuitive ability comes from the Third Eye or Brow Chakra.

Heart Intuition

Let's talk about feelings. Because the heart is the center of the soul, it experiences feelings instantaneously and more readily than any other intuitive place in man. Those who feel from the heart have an extraordinary degree of empathy and compassion.

Mothers are frequently heart intuitive, particularly when it comes to their children. I have heard many a distraught mother say she felt in her heart that something was wrong with one of her children. And more times than not, she was right. It's not uncommon for my own mother to call me, out of the blue, and to say, "Okay, what's going on with you?" After our conversation, she will end with, "Are you telling me everything?" My mother's practice, like that of other heart intuitives, is to obtain information without becoming so involved as to be unable to help. She understands that the more emotionally involved she becomes, the more likely it is that she will pick up on things that may upset her and will, therefore, prevent her from being helpful.

Another characteristic common to heart intuitives is a reluctance to say, "No." For this reason, they also have a tendency to become codependent. For example, I've heard someone say, "I feel in my heart the money I gave my son was used to buy drugs, but I feel so sorry for him." Practicing "tough love" does not come naturally or easily to these individuals. Therefore, it is essential that they learn to incorporate it into their lives. Information without action is like a boat without a motor or a sail.

Note for students: Heart intuition comes from the Heart Chakra.

Gut Intuition (feeling)

This type of insight is exactly what one might expect it to be. It's a "feeling" — one that usually seems to emanate from the pit of the stomach or the digestive system. "Gut intuition" is what makes you feel suspicious when you come into contact with someone who is dishonest. It is what makes you feel anxious when you venture into a dangerous part of town, and it's what makes you feel nervous if you find yourself in a place or situation where you don't belong.

The gut intuitive's sensitive center can result in much physical distress, particularly in the digestive tract. I am convinced that many, many children who complain of chronic stomach pain may, in fact, be gut intuitives. They feel "something" in the gut and, because they lack the maturity to recognize it for what it is and the verbal ability to describe it otherwise, it is simply identified as a "stomach ache." In addition, gut intuitives tend to be "breath holders," which can result in various other health problems.

The keys to utilizing gut intuition to one's advantage (and also reducing the possibility of any negative health impact) are "awareness" and "action." One must learn to recognize and acknowledge that "sinking filling" when it occurs and then to "move it up" to the brain, where the feeling can be analyzed and a plan of action can be formulated. In so doing and with practice, the gut intuitive will be able to consistently convert gut reaction into useful thought.

Note for students: Gut intuition comes predominantly from the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Hand Intuition

Each of us has "openings" in our hands called eyes… or feelers… or chakras. We all have them, but on average they are very small and go unnoticed. There are those among us, however, who have much larger openings than average. These openings, while they may not be visible, can be felt. For example, if you were to hold your hand two to three inches above the palm of one of these individuals, you would feel something best described as a "warm vapor" radiating from it.

Hand intuitives are different than the rest of us… "different," in a most positive sense. They tend to excel in a wide variety of hands—on type endeavors. They are practitioners of Reiki massage. They make pottery. They are carpenters, surgeons, drummers, writers, chiropractors, cooks. Someone with intuitive hands may appear to be an ordinary individual with no overwhelmingly obvious talents — but they may make the greatest sandwich on the planet! Many hand intuitives have an incredible "green thumb" and a reputation for bringing dying plants back to life. The list is endless!

Hand intuitives, as a rule, are "touchy—feely." They rub people, pat them, love them with their hands. They will touch or pet an animal with a warmth that makes the animal feel better. When they shop, these individuals don't simply walk into a store, select an item, and make a purchase. They must handle that item — touch it, caress it — before they can make a decision to buy. In fact, when a hand intuitive walks into any room, he or she will tend to circulate throughout that room, feeling compelled to touch most everything in sight. Other habits common to most hand intuitives include a tendency to close the hands, i.e., clinch the fists, in uncomfortable situations and to open the hands wide in safe or comfortable environments.

The ability to send and receive energy through the hand chakras is yet another feature of this type of intuition. Some individuals are able to both send and receive, while others can do only one or the other. That ability can impact the way in which this gift is utilized. For example, "sending" could be well—utilized in Reiki, while "receiving" could be an effective tool in psychometry. By the same token, while these folks can often send and receive energy through their hands, they can lose energy in much the same way. Frequently, it is this consistent loss of energy through the hands that causes an aging individual to experience weakness in the legs and feet, a lack of balance, and general fatigue. To combat such an occurrence, it is important that hand intuitives learn and practice techniques for replacing the energy that they will inevitably lose over time.

If you recognize any of these traits or characteristics in yourself, it is possible that you are indeed a hand intuitive, a healer whose hands are the tools of the trade.

In Conclusion

It is important to understand that almost everyone has been gifted with at least one of the five types of intuition. It is not all that uncommon, in fact, to discover two types in a single individual. I have even seen (in a few rare instances) individuals who seem to possess all five and thus an incredibly strong ability to both feel and heal. Please remember, however, that intuitive ability is not exclusive to good people. It is used by both good and evil people for both good and evil purposes. As the Bible says, "the rain falls on both the just and the unjust." Be careful with how you use your own gifts, and be even more careful about whose "gifts" you allow to be used on yourself.

I hope that you will work to identify and develop your own specific gifts of instinct. Whether you then choose to use them as a ministry or as a profession or just to lend a hand to those who are close to you, just know that the world needs you. There are hurting people who need what you have to offer. And as you come to recognize your gifts and attempt to utilize them to a positive end, don't let insecurity about the outcome get in your way. Live by the words of my old teacher, Mary Frances. At seventeen years of age and at a time when I was attempting to figure out how best to use my own abilities, I said to her, "What if I'm wrong? What if I fail?" She looked me squarely in the eye (and if I close my eyes, I can hear her voice as if she's sitting right here with me still) and said, "Boy, it don't matter if you're perfect or even if you're right all the time. Hit or miss. Heal or don't heal. As long as you expose people to genuine love and do everything through the help of God, that's enough."

And that it is.

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