While you may note that I provide details here on the availability of my books, this web site is not intended as a solicitation of any kind. I have never advertised my consultative services and do not intentionally do so now. It is only for informational purposes that I offer the following:

We are now accepting appointments for the year, 2016. For scheduling, you may contact our office by telephone, at 1.865.475.4710. Please do not be discouraged if you fail to reach a real person on the first try. Our office hours are typically 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday; however, the best time to reach my secretary is between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

To assure your confidentiality, our office phone does not have caller identification; and when making an appointment, you will not be asked for your name or phone number. Because appointments are usually scheduled months or years in advance, and given that we often lack the contact details necessary to provide reminders, we recommend that you reference a code name or initials when calling to confirm. This is important, especially if you are traveling a long distance, as we require that all appointments be confirmed at least one week in advance. Unconfirmed appointments will be filled from our waiting list. Individuals reserving appointments in blocks for families, friends, or other groups may confirm back-to-back sessions using one universal code name.

While one thirty-minute or one-hour session is sufficient for most people, it is not uncommon for me to see a person more intensively in the form of successive visits, over a limited period of time, especially when this has been recommended by a client's psychiatrist, psychologist, or other counseling professional. However, the goal of my work is to assist others in becoming independent of, not dependent upon, myself or any other person for a sense of well-being and purpose.

During a session, I will relate to you whatever I feel may be helpful for you to know. This may pertain to health, relationships, business, career, finances, emotional issues, your spiritual journey, or any combination of these. I will not typically ask any questions of you, although you are free to ask them of me. If you have questions pertaining to others, especially those involving unsolved crimes or missing persons, it is usually helpful for me to view photographs or minor personal effects, such as clothing. At the end of the session, I will give you whatever handwritten notes I may have taken during this time.

Information on fees can be obtained from my secretary by calling 1.865.475.4710. Those who would like to be seen but who lack sufficient funds may request that we place them on our emergency cancellations list. Every month, I accept a specified number of people, free of charge, on the basis of need and dependent upon my own time and energy.

If you are traveling from outside of the East Tennessee region and need overnight accommodation, you will find lodging near our office, in Dandridge or Morristown, and vicinity. Major hotels and a commercial airport are located in Knoxville and can be reached in an hour or less, by car. A small airport for private planes is located in Morristown, a fifteen minute drive from our door.

Even with the aid of G.P.S., there is one road on the route to our office that many people find confusing. When confirming your appointment, please allow my secretary to assist you with directions.

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